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SUPER PROSTATE SUPPORT – Elixir Labs Prostate Health support supplement provides a comprehensive approach to the maintenance of men’s prostate health and helps to support the bodies natural defences against dis-ease of the prostate.

MAINTAIN OPTIMAL PROSTATE HEALTH – Our proprietary blend natural prostate support formula for men includes 100% natural ingredients including Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3 and pure saw palmetto extract.

IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE  – Frequent urination is a common symptom of an enlarged prostate. Put an end to constant trips to the bathroom by supporting your prostate function with the best saw palmetto prostate supplement on the market.

ALL-NATURAL, VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE FORMULA – Elixir Labs supplements are free from gluten and potential allergens such as dairy, nut and soy additives and our saw palmetto capsule is free from synthetic fillers and artificial preservatives.

FDA APPROVED – Made in the USA in an FDA approved facility according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure the consistent quality and safety of our products, all our prostate supplements for men are 3rd party tested for quality, purity and potency.

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Safely support your prostate health the natural way with our extra strength prostate support complex for men. Traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine, Saw Palmetto is commonly used for the symptomatic relief of mild prostate complaints, including enlarged painful prostate, irritation of the bladder wall, frequent urination, weak stream and difficulty emptying the bladder. 

About the product

Elixir Prostate Support For Men:

Enjoy an all-natural solution to improving cognitive health and discover the rewards of improved focus, clarity, memory, concentration, and energy with Elixir Labs Brain Health brain function supplements. This mental focus and clarity supplement comprises a proprietary formulation of brain boosting active ingredients that include GABA, Ginkgo Biloba and L-Theanine.

Saw Palmetto Prostate Support:

Studies have shown that the SAW PALMETTO included in our saw palmetto prostate health formula works in the body by maintaining healthy levels of the sex hormone DHT. Managing healthy DHT levels may help promote healthy urination and prostate health.

Supports Healthy Urinary Function:

As men age it is not unusual for them to experience poor urinary flow and difficulty emptying the bladder fully. With just one easy to swallow prostate health supplements for men per day you can effectively support your prostate health and improve urinary flow.

Improved Quality of Life:

Inconveniently frequent bathroom breaks can be embarrassing and stressful. Take control of your body and your life today with our saw palmetto prostate support capsules. Maintaining normal prostate function may help reduce night time toilet trips meaning you’ll wake up feeling more rested.

Best Prostate Support That’s Easy To Take

 Simply take 2 easy to swallow health supplements for men with water every day for a noticeable impact on your prostate function. This daily supplement is lab formulated to boost natural testosterone safely and effectively using our proprietary blend of premium, all natural ingredients.


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