Protective Breathing KN95 Mask


KN95 RESPIRATOR FACE MASK – Expertly engineered to be worn tightly over the nose and mouth, this reusable air filtration mask protects the wearer by filtering up to 95 % of airborne particles, including dust, smog and bacteria. 

APPROVED RESPIRATORY PROTECTION – These air filtration masks are genuine and constructed in accordance with industry standards in an FDA approved facility in China with third party testing. 

5 PLY FILTRATION SYSTEM – Our KN95 face mask features a complex non-woven 5 ply filtration system to help you breath in cleaner, healthier air that is free from common pollutants such as odors, pollen, pet hair, vehicle exhaust, dust particles, mold spores.

BREATHABLE & SKIN FRIENDLY – Crafted with your comfort in mind, the lightweight and breathable design of our KN95 face mask boasts a foldable snug fit that loops around the ears and an adjustable nose clip.

3RD PARTY TESTED – Our KN95 face masks have been fire tested, wind tested and water tested by trusted third parties. 

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Elixir Lab KN95 respirator mask is a  powerful tool for effectively filtering out pathogens and other problematic airborne particles from the air. This filtered mask catches 95% of non oil based particles, droplets and air pollutants KN95 respirator mask.

About the product

High Efficacy Health Mask


Made in accordance with industry standards, this 20 pack of reusable anti pollution masks offers 95 percent filtration efficacy against non oil based airborne particles, including dusts and particles associated with bad air quality, or as a result of sanding, sawing, grinding, drywall installation, etc..

5 Ply Filtration System


The innovative five layer design of our KN 95 mask features a complex non-woven filtration system with minimal pore size and 5 active layers to help you breath in cleaner, healthier air which has been filtered from pollution, gases, odors, dust, pollen, smog, PM2.5, germs and bacteria effectively.

3rd Party Tested


We put our protection mask through stringent 3rd party testing to validate their efficacy. Our KN 95 mask has undergone and passed thorough fire, wind and water testing and is approved for personal usage.

Versatile usage

Use your face masks for germs anytime, anywhere – whether you are commuting, jogging, cleaning or working in construction, hospitals or hazardous areas this air filter mask is ideal for people at high risk for respiratory diseases and living in or travelling to areas with high air pollution, smoke levels or viral epidemics.

Born in the USA

Elixir Labs was conceived so that we can bring to the world innovative alternative options to standard medicines. Our KN-95 masks are made according to principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure the consistent quality and safety of our products.

Premium Comfort

Carefully designed to hold its shape, this kn 95 mask loops easily over the ears and forms a comfortable and breathable protective seal over the mouth and nose.

Our Goal

We hope that our air purifying face mask bring you relief and enhanced quality of life, as they have to thousands of our satisfied customers


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