Black Elderberry


THE ONLY ELDERBERRY SUPPLEMENT YOU’LL EVER NEED – The best elderberry supplement for kids and adults alike, it provides you with a natural source of vitamins, antioxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds to strengthen immune function and help fight infections of the respiratory system.

A NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPLEMENTElderberry is a superfood that has been used for centuries throughout Europe to boost general immune health and help in the fight against cold and flu viruses. 

A DAILY DOSE OF PREVENTION – The easy way to take a daily dose of natural medicine, our elderberry capsules are suitable for everyone. Simply take a serving of two capsules daily with water for better health. 

GLUTEN FREE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT – Elixir dietary supplements are free from gluten and potential allergens such as dairy, nut and soy additives, as well synthetic fillers and artificial preservatives. 

FDA APPROVED DIETARY SUPPLEMENT – Made in the USA in an FDA approved facility according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure the consistent quality and safety of our products, all our vitamins, supplements and nutritional products are third party tested for quality, purity and potency.

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Elderberries (or Sambucus nigra) are the dark purple berries from the European elder tree. Rich in vitamins, anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants including anthocyanin and other polyphenols, black elderberry extract has been used for millennia in folk medicine to provide immune support, fight inflammation of the respiratory system and treat the symptoms of cold, flu and bronchial infections.

About the Product

Fight Colds And Flu Viruses – Research shows that taking sambucus elderberry can shorten the duration of colds and flus and reduce the severity of symptoms by inhibiting the infiltration of viruses into human cells.
Boost your Immune System – Help the body protect itself against illness, infection and free radical damage with essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that support the function of white blood cells and beneficial cytokine production.
Reduce Inflammation – Sambucus black elderberry is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that help to protect the body from infection, reduce stress and support good heart health.

A Health Supplement That’s Easy To Take 

Simply take 2 elderberry capsules daily, with water every day as a preventative against cold and flu viruses and to boost immune system health.

The Daily Herbal Supplement Made In The USA 

Elixir Labs was conceived so that we can bring to the world innovative alternative options to standard medicines. All of our supplements are made according to principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure the consistent quality and safety of our products. We believe that our natural supplements are the best way to top up your diet with essential nutrients and vitamins to keep you and your family healthy.


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