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Trusted supplements for
a healthy lifestyle.

Trusted supplements for
a healthy lifestyle.

Your journey to health and vitality is our priority at Elixir Research Institute. We know that the journey isn’t always smooth and that is why we provide only the best supplements that’ll give you the maximum support you need. Our top representatives are always available and ready to offer the necessary assistance when called upon. With us, it’s all about the satisfaction of the customers and that is why we always stand out.

elixir labs supplements

Why ElixirLabs?

Elixir Labs was conceived so that we can bring to world alternative medicinal options that are natural with no detrimental side effects and tested over centuries around the world. We hope that our products bring you relief and enhanced quality of life, as they have brought to thousands of families around the world.

elixir labs supplements
elixir labs supplements made in usa

Proudly Made In The USA.

We manufacture all our supplements here in the USA; which means all FDA standards are met including quality control and facilities. We also make sure our supplements exceed the standard set by the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). The fact that we are a Professional Grade Supplement Company means that we only make use of top quality raw ingredients adequately tested for quality and purity.

elixir labs No Fillers, No Binders, Non-Gmo Ingredients.

No Fillers, No Binders,
Non-GMO Ingredients.

We develop superior supplements that are 100% pure with the aid of top technology. There are no chemicals, preservatives, magnesium stearate, binders, or fillers in any of our supplements.

elixir labs No Fillers, No Binders, Non-Gmo Ingredients.
elixir labs supplements gluten free

Allergen Free & Gluten Free.

When it comes to supplements for men and women, you can be sure that ElixirLabs offers you the best available quality. Our supplements are premium and most of our products are free of gluten and other common allergens like sugar, peanuts, wheat, corn, egg, dairy and soy. Our products are perfectly suitable for vegans as well.

elixir labs supplements

Formulated By Professionals.

A team of top experts comes together to create all of our premium formulas so as to guarantee the best results. The combination of research, unparalleled science and strict quality control is what we pull together to manufacture our supplements. That has helped us build a solid reputation in the supplement ming industry.

elixir labs supplements

Product Safety

We make use of 3 seals, almost other companies make use of one or two seals. Our CFU has a heat-induction inner seal, a pre-perforated neck-band and a seal close to the box.

Manufacturing process

We analyze samples at periodic intervals during the manufacturing process as well as carry out a visual inspection of every bottle at the end of the production line.

Supplier Audit

We put all our suppliers through a very rigorous scrutiny before dealing with them. This way, we can ensure that we do not buy the wrong materials or deal with the wrong people.

Our Commitment To Exceptional Quality.

Our Commitment To
Exceptional Quality.

Overall, it is evident that our products are of superior quality and this is because of our ability to perfectly exploit the purest nutrients with the right technology. We have made it our mission to improve the lives of people who make use of our supplements for health benefits. Our actions are steered towards quality and integrity as well as commitments to help our clients get healthier without putting a hole in their pocket.

elixir labs supplements third party tested

Third Party Tested .

We understand the importance of quality and safety and that is why we make sure that after our supplements are produced, labeled and packaged, we contract the services of a third party lab to carry out further tests to ensure potency and purity. These labs have the responsibility to examine our final products, analyze it and make sure that the products match exactly what we have on the label.

elixir labs supplements third party tested
elixir labs supplements about us

We Help Mothers And Children In Need.

We donate 5% of our Net Revenue to Comfort Aid, a charity that helps poor kids and families around the world by providing food, shelter, clothing, education and clean drinking water. All you have to do is purchase our product and we will make the donation.  Thousands of lives have been impacted by customers like you and we can’t appreciate you enough.

elixir labs more than just a supplement company

More Than a Just
Supplements Company.

We can achieve a lot together. Your decision to pick ElixirLabs as your partner on your journey to wellness is a good one. Remember, you are making the world a better place by buying our products. While you get the benefit of changing your life and getting better health, the life of another mother or child is made better.

elixir labs more than just a supplement company


To have a positive impact and transformation of quality of life and health for everyone we come in contact with.


To bring natural alternatives in medicine and vitamins from ancient cultures from around the world that are time tested to masses at affordable prices.


We hope that our health supplements bring you relief and enhanced quality of life, as they have to thousands of our satisfied customers.

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